Vineyard Village at Home effectively enables many older residents on the Island to continue living vibrant and independent lives at home, and on the Island. In a significant way, Vineyard Village is helping to preserve the unique character of Martha’s Vineyard by enabling senior community members to stay on the Island, enjoying the best of the Vineyard’s lifestyle.

Help us achieve this mission. In addition to volunteering your valuable time, your financial support can help us achieve our mission in a number of ways. Vineyard Village at Home is a non-profit organization with 501©(3) charitable corporation status.

Ways you can donate:

  • Sponsor a Family Member or Friend: Do you know someone who could benefit from the far-reaching support of Vineyard Village at Home? A family member or friend? You can sponsor their annual membership! Call us at 508-693-3038 to discuss this innovative way to directly impact the day to day life of a loved one for the better.
  • Sponsor a Member in Need: Vineyard Village at Home offers Island seniors a whole new world of resources to make it easier to continue living at home. We are working hard to make these services available to as many residents as possible. For some, a sliding fee schedule will help make monthly fees more manageable. The support from the organization’s general fund will make it possible for residents of limited means to become members.

    If you would like to support a member in need, or would like to make an unallocated donation to the general fund, please call us at 508-693-3038.

  • Designate Vineyard Village as a beneficiary of your IRA, brokerage account or bank account to give a lasting legacy, helping to sustain this valuable service.
  • Numerous other kinds of donations are welcome including one-time donations; annual donations; memorial donations; as well as stocks and bonds. Read below to learn more about including Vineyard Village at Home in your will.
  • Include Vineyard Village at Home in Your Will
    WHAT IS A CHARITABLE BEQUEST? Charitable bequests are gifts made through your will or living trust to charity. A bequest can be a wonderful opportunity to support the work of Vineyard Village at Home (VVAH). It is a living legacy of your passion, love, and support for the future of the Vineyard’s seniors and VVAH.

Click here to learn more about giving a charitable bequest to VVAH. If you have any questions or would like to discuss bequests further with a VVAH staff member, please contact us at 508-693-3038.